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Welcome to Lovely Lameche! This is the FIRST Livejournal community for Anaïs Lameche, former member of the Swedish girl group Play. The members of Play have gone their separate ways and in between finishing school (she graduated last year), clubbing and being a "normal" teenager, Anaïs has been working on her own solo career. Though what she is doing can't really be discussed in detail right now, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait when she finally announces everything. Please join this community to show your support for Anaïs, to meet other fans of Anaïs, and to discuss different topics about Anaïs (no inappropriate or personal topics allowed).

- This is for fans of Anaïs ONLY. Do not join if you don't like her.
- Please keep all posts on topic. Therefore only post Anaïs-related topics or questions.
- Do not post any personal pictures or personal information about her.
- Do not bash any members of this community.
- No advertising of other communities or websites unless they are Anaïs related.
- If you do a post with pictures or graphics, please use the LJ-cut tag.
- When you post your first entry, make sure it includes this:
Your name:
Your age:
Why are you a fan of Anaïs?:

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